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Please see below a collection of webinars across some of our practice areas.

Some webinars may be password protected on our Vimeo channel. To request the password(s) to your selected webinar(s), please email

Clinical Negligence

Covid-19, NHS Resources and the Standard of Care

Harry Lambert considers the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic might have on the standard of care in the context of clinical negligence claims. Harry explores the case of law, some familiar and some less so, relating to finite resources, emergency care and ward closures.

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Construction & Engineering

A peek into the future of adjudication

In the light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Bresco Electrical Services Ltd (In Liquidation) v Michael J Lonsdale (Electrical) Ltd [2020] UKSC 25, our specialist panel provide an update to their previous webinar given on Wednesday 10 June to CIArb London Branch, discussing the future of construction adjudication.

Our panel:

  • Tricia Morrison (Partner, Construction and Engineering Team, Hill Dickinson)
  • Ivor Collett (Barrister and Adjudicator, Crown Office Chambers)
  • Kim Franklin KC (Arbitrator and Adjudicator, Crown Office Chambers)

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Criminal Regulatory

Keeping an eye on COVID-19: the morning after the night before

Harry Vann and Katie Sage look ahead to the implications of the pandemic for health surveillance duties in industry once the lockdown is lifted.

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Criminal Regulatory Live Q&A – 3 June

John Cooper KC, Dominic Kay KC and Simon Antrobus KC explore the issues presented by enforcement of the new social distancing guidance and the difficulty faced by employers as to how to reassure their workforce and regulators as to the safety of the workplace.

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Criminal Regulatory Live Q&A – 18 June

John Cooper KC, Dominic Kay KC, Simon Antrobus KC and respiratory expert, Dr John Moore-Gillon discuss PPE, with a focus on face masks and explore issues concerning risk and likelihood of COVID in the workplace.

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Criminal Regulatory Live Q&A – 2 July

John Cooper KC, Dominic Kay KC and Simon Antrobus KC follow on from their previous sessions with a more focused and in-depth discussion on the evidence underlying the various social distancing measures that the Government recommends for the workplace. They also address wider concerns amongst those within the legal and safety community as to enforcement-related issues, such as the legality of enforcement notices, how the procedures are likely to be adapted to the Covid-age, and also the practicalities of jury trials and sentencing hearings.

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Criminal Regulatory Live Q&A – 22 July

John Cooper KCDominic Kay KC and Simon Antrobus KC will be covering recurring issues that are still the subject of controversy, such as face coverings. They will also be looking at issues which are emerging and that cross over into other fields of law, most particularly employment law. They will consider issues of screening and health surveillance (including data protection), together with conflicts which can arise between employees and employers over whether it is safe to return or commute to work.

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Mock Covid-19 Improvement Notice Appeal

Harry Vann, Sandesh Singh and Julia Kendrick argue out the competing arguments in the way they may well arise in the context of an appeal in front of an employment tribunal consisting of: John Cooper KCDominic Kay KC and Simon Antrobus KC.

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Perils, causation and consequences: a review of the Supreme Court’s Judgment in the landmark FCA test case

Andrew Rigney KC and Caroline McColgan discuss the recent decision of the Supreme Court in the FCA’s test case as to the availability of business interruption cover for losses caused by COVID-19, and its potentially wide-reaching implications for claims, the insurance market and the law of causation in future.

Andrew Rigney KC and Caroline McColgan were instructed by Zurich Insurance plc in its defence to the FCA’s claim.

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Personal Injury & Occupational Disease

Adventure of a lifetime

Patrick Blakesley KC dives into legal approaches to life expectancy, and wrestles with statistics.

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End of the road: how the Supreme Court brought the juggernaut of vicarious liability to a very sudden stop

Rory Holmes reviews the Supreme Court decisions in Barclays Bank and WM Morrison, with a discussion of where the battle lines are now drawn for those who litigate in this area.

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Reducing the pain

Andrew Davis looks at the legal, evidential and tactical components of a strong and unified defence of chronic pain cases.

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Fundamental dishonesty

Paul Higgins gives practical guidance on fundamental dishonesty cases: developing techniques to maximise savings in individual cases and across a basket of cases.

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Does this cloud have a silver lining?

Edward Broome (Barrister); Helen Pagett (Barrister and Deputy District Judge); and Caroline Craigie (Partner, BLM) discuss the practical approach of attending a trial via HMCTS’s Cloud Video Platform and via Skype for Business.

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“But they did it too!”

Peter Morton and Mark Armitage discuss the issue of contribution and apportionment in personal injury and disease claims.

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Ogden 8 – Bang or whimper?

Patrick Blakesley KC reviews the 8th Edition of Ogden 8 and the impact it will have on calculating future losses in personal injury claims.

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Stress, bullying and harassment: all in a day’s work

Robert O’Leary discusses the problems that stress at work can cause for employees, businesses and insurers, legal principles and managing risk from a legal perspective.

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Untangling Cable – Applications to transfer claims subject to a stay under Part 8B to Part 7

Simon O’Dwyer considers the Court of Appeal’s judgment and the impact it will have on Portal claims issued and stayed under CPR Part 8 being transferred to CPR Part 7 proceedings.

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Bannister v Freeman – When is low exposure treated as “de minimis” in asbestos claims

David Platt KC discusses the impact of the judgment on low-exposure asbestos claims and how the Claimant market might respond to it.

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Care Home claims in a Covid-19 era and beyond

Jamie Clarke and Helen Pagett consider the impact that Covid-19 will have on Care Homes and the claims they might face now and in the future.

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Swift v Carpenter – The wait is over, but is this the final answer?

Richard Lynagh KC and Patrick Blakesley KC consider the Court of Appeal’s judgment and the impact it will have on accommodation claims.

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Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust – The Next Asbestos?

Robert O’Leary discusses what could be the biggest respiratory issue over the next 2 decades.

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E-Scooters – a positive or negative commuting solution?

Gemma Witherington (Crown Office Chambers) and Nick Pester (Group General Counsel, Zego) consider the likely regulatory regime that may apply, potential claims that could arise, possible remedies and how the evolution of micro mobility transport, such as E-Scooters, will have an effect on the claims market in the future.

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RTA Liability: Recent Changes to the Highway Code

On 29 January 2022, changes to the Highway Code came into effect. Peter Houghton and Helen Pagett consider the impact these changes will have on the Road Traffic Act and particularly the new liability arguments that Defendant Solicitor and Insurer Clients will face and can also deploy in accidents post-dating the changes.

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