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Fees and charges

The clerking team are the first point of contact for any discussion in relation to our barrister’s fees.

We adopt an open and transparent approach to fee negotiation and the provision of fee estimates as we appreciate the need for clients to understand the method and reasons behind the fees charged.

Generally, for instructions received from professional clients (solicitors and other practicing lawyers) and Licensed Access clients (organisiations and their members who have been approved by the Bar Standards Board) our barristers work on hourly rates, fixed or capped fees for advisory (written or in conference) and drafting work.  However, in some circumstances, individual barristers will also consider undertaking work funded by litigation funders or under a conditional fee agreement.

In relation to hearings, we will usually look to agree a brief fee (covering pre-hearing preparation and the first day of the hearing) in advance of any work being undertaken. For hearings of more than 1 day, a refresher fee (fixed fee for each subsequent day of the hearing) will also be agreed.

In assessing the appropriate fee we will also take into account the seniority of the barrister, the value, complexity and sensitivity of the case, any possible damage to the client’s reputation, volume of documentation and the barrister’s specialist knowledge.

In addition to the fees for the work undertaken by our barristers, we will also charge the cost of all reasonable disbursements incurred. These could include travel and accommodation expenses, printing/photocopying and couriers.

VAT will be charged on all the above where appropriate.

Instructions under Public Access

For full information on Public Access instructions please click here.

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