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Adam Taylor

Call 2014

Adam joined Chambers in October 2015 following pupillage. In his civil practice, Adam specialises in contractual and tortious disputes in the areas of commercial, sport, professional negligence, insurance, property damage and personal injury. He is also an active junior member of Chambers’ criminal regulatory and inquests team.

Adam is in court on a daily basis. He appears in the county court, High Court, coroner’s court, magistrates’ court, and Crown Court. He is regularly instructed as sole counsel in multi-day trials and inquests, and his advocacy experience informs his written practice. He is also comfortable working as part of a litigation team on large cases, and he has been led by several senior members of Chambers.


Adam acts in a wide variety of commercial cases, providing advice, drafting pleadings and attending at court. Unlike many junior commercial advocates, he is able to analyse likely trial outcomes and provide tactical advice using the benefit of his daily court experience. He anticipates judicial attitudes and witness performance to achieve the best results for his clients. He takes a thorough and inventive approach to legal argument. At trial, he is a robust advocate.

His cases regularly involve sale of goods contracts, supply of services contracts, commercial fraud, injunctions, construction of contracts, late notification, enforcement of judgments overseas, and consumer protection.

Selected Cases

  • Adam advised an accountancy firm as to the calculation and recovery of a £50,000 shortfall in a business purchase agreement, including issues of good faith, notification, implied terms, and the merits of a £300,000 counterclaim.
  • Advising a services contractor on whether it had concluded an agreement with a solvent UK company or its liquidated Irish subsidiary, for the purposes of a debt claim.
  • Representing the Claimant/Appellant via the Bar Pro Bono Unit on an appeal before HHJ Dight in a multi-party commercial dispute. The case involved a contract (written in Albanian) for the return of money paid for the purchase of a car wash business. The appeal focused on whether the trial judge was wrong in not considering the effect of the Second Defendant’s potential written admissions before striking out the Claimant’s case due to his lack of witness evidence.
  • Representing a claimant security company in a contractual dispute involving the supply and installation of a security system at the defendant nightclub, which was subsequently burgled. The defendant settled the bulk of the claimant’s claim and abandoned its counterclaim.
  • Acting regularly for a major London estate agent in cases involving the recovery of estate agent commission. Adam recently won summary judgment in a contested application for payment of commission.
  • Drafting the defence and providing representation at trial in a data protection dispute.
  • Successfully defending a claim against an educational provider for the return of course fees. The case involved issues of breach of contract and consumer protection legislation.
  • Drafting particulars of claim in a multi-party services contract dispute involving issues of jurisdiction and agency. One of the defendants settled the claim for almost its entire value, plus costs, prior to service of a defence.
  • Advising on the enforceability of a hire agreement, both in relation to fraud and non-conformity with description.
  • Appearing regularly at case management conferences (including cost budgeting).
  • Regularly appearing in the county court on credit hire disputes. Adam has experience of arguing all the major issues in such cases, including need, period, rate, impecuniosity and intervention offers.
  • Advising on potential fraud and piercing the corporate veil in an international sale of goods claim.
  • Adam advised as to the merits of a c.£300,000 claim against a mortgagee and an LPA receiver as to a property sale at an undervalue. The advice also addressed issues of limitation, abuse of process, and assignment of the right of action.

Sports Law

Adam’s experience in medical, commercial and regulatory cases provides a strong foundation for his sports law work.

He regularly gives talks and presentations. He is a member of BASL and Law In Sport. He has recently been appointed to the Sport Resolutions Pro Bono Panel, to provide advice and assistance with disputes involving anti-doping, athlete selection and eligibility, athlete and player contracts, and discipline.

Adam is a keen sportsperson and currently enjoys club football, tennis and cycling. He recently completed a London to Paris cycle ride, and several half-marathons. In his youth, he participated in county-standard football and athletics.

Selected Cases


  • Adam represented the 2016 Olympic marathon champion Jemimah Sumgong in her defence of an anti-doping rule violation of Tampering, in the anti-doping proceedings of IAAF v Jemimah Sumgong. The case raised important arguments concerning the standard of proof and nature of the evidence required to prove a violation of article 2.5 of the IAAF anti-doping rules, concerning tampering, in a high-profile context. Adam was sole counsel for the athlete.
  • Adam was recently instructed by Morgan Sports Law in the high-profile anti-doping dispute of UKAD v Tyson and Hughie Fury, where he drafted detailed written submissions to the panel on behalf of Tyson and Hughie Fury.


Adam has recently been appointed to the Disciplinary, Dispute and Appeal Panel Register of British Canoeing, for an initial term of four years. Within this role, he will be called upon to sit on the Panel and to adjudicate on matters falling within the British Canoeing Disciplinary, Dispute and Appeal Regulations.



  • Wright v Lewis Silkin [2015] EWHC 1897 (QB) – Assisting Muhammed Haque QC with trial preparation in the case, a High Court professional negligence claim concerning a bespoke employment contract for the CEO of a cricket team franchise in the Indian Premier League.
  • Advising on contractual construction in a high-value motor racing arbitration.
  • Advising on and representing the defendant at an appeal from a commercial trial involving the sale of a British Eventing competition horse by an international-standard competition rider. The case involved sale of goods, misrepresentation and mitigation issues. The historical behaviour of the horse and the industry-specific nature of the representations were key considerations.

Personal Injury and Product Liability

  • Adam is currently junior to Daniel Shapiro in relation to a £2million product liability claim involving a fall from a horse by a doctor while riding a jumping circuit wearing an inflatable vest.
  • Advising a cycling training company on its defence to a claim made by a child injured during a beginners cycling training session.
  • Acting in a multi-track claim brought by a greenkeeper against his employer golf club and a golfing member who hit him on the head with an approach shot, allegedly causing neurological symptoms.
  • Drafting the defence and advising on a claim arising out of an allegedly negligent personal training session, where the claimant was injured while performing box jumps.
  • Advising on the defence of a claim involving an allegedly negligent box-fit session, where the claimant was injured while performing a toe-tap exercise.
  • Advising on the defence of a multiparty claim involving a stilt-walking injury during a circus skills workshop at a school.

Professional Liability

Adam is regularly instructed in a wide range of professional negligence matters, and he has a particular interest in claims involving legal professionals. His daily court appearances and significant experience in commercial, insurance, property damage and construction, and personal injury disputes underpin his meticulous and robust approach. Adam accepts instructions on behalf of claimants and defendants, and also on a CFA basis where appropriate.

Selected Cases

  • Drafting the Particulars of Claim in a dispute against the claimant’s former solicitors, where his personal injury claim was struck out due to noncompliance and delay, and he subsequently lost his QOCS cost protection.
  • Advising the claimant company and director in their dispute against former solicitors in relation to a claim against a mortgagee and LPA receiver for sale at an undervalue.
  • Drafting the defence and providing written advice for a leading London estate agent accused of negligently drafting the break clause within a tenancy agreement.
  • Advising as to the merits of a prospective claim in negligent misstatement relating to a company’s website, which advertised one of its members as a professional when in fact he was a fraudster.
  • Acting pro bono for a theatre company who sued its solicitors from an underlying dispute concerning a contract to perform at a theatre. The defendant solicitors firm settled before trial for virtually the whole amount of the claim.
  • Adam is currently assisting the Company and Financial team at environmental law NGO Client Earth on a pro bono basis, in relation to the potential professional negligence of company directors and investment advisors who fail to consider climate-related business risks.

Property Damage

Adam regularly advises, drafts pleadings and attends court in property damage cases, including fires, floods, cavity wall insulation, and tree roots. He has experience of dealing with issues including pure economic loss, the effect of statutory undertakings, expert evidence, contribution claims, and limitation. He is a robust trial advocate with significant trial experience.

Selected Cases

  • Advising the claimant on a £50,000 residential property damage claim against a sewerage undertaker and their independent contractors.
  • Ongoing representation and advice on behalf of a harbour authority in a multi-party claim involving damage to a luxury yacht.
  • Advising the claimant homeowner on merits and expert evidence in a six-party dispute as to piling activity on neighbouring premises.
  • Advising an insurer as to the merits of a landlord’s defence against two linked cases of tenant property damage, including issues of policy coverage and agency.
  • Advising the claimant in a £50,000 claim involving multiple incidents of flood damage to a high-end fashion outlet allegedly caused by the landlord’s failure to maintain.
  • Drafting particulars of claim in a multi-party dispute involving water damage caused by the supply of a defective bath.
  • Advising and drafting particulate of claim in a number of cavity wall insulation cases involving residential installation.
  • Advising as to the merits of a fire damage claim in a residential property. The case involved expert evidence and insurance policy coverage issues.
  • Appearing in the county court on a variety of property damage disputes. In particular, Adam successfully defended a claim in negligence for damage allegedly caused by excessive delay in the repair of a heating system leak.

Adam’s property damage expertise is supplemented by his involvement in construction cases. He has been instructed on a £100m+ arbitration involving the construction of a nuclear submarine berthing facility. He has also advised a construction company on the merits of seeking an injunction to restrain presentation of a winding-up petition, which involved assessing whether there was a genuine dispute as to the underlying non-payment claim.

Insurance & Reinsurance

Adam is regularly instructed in a range of insurance and reinsurance dispute cases, including issues of policy interpretation. Adam benefits from related experience in commercial, personal injury, property damage and construction, and professional (including clinical) negligence matters.

Selected Cases

  • Adam was lead by Daniel Shapiro in a £1.2million arbitration claim by independent financial advisors under their professional indemnity insurance. Adam met with the client in conference and drafted the key witness statement. He also assisted with preparation for the hearing.
  • Advising the defendant freeholders as to the scope and effect of their buildings insurance in a claim brought by leaseholders in relation to fire damage. The advice addressed issues of agency and the consequences of taking out an inappropriate policy.
  • Successfully defending a claim at trial on behalf of an insurance company, in relation to a claim by their insured for compensation of property repair costs. The case involved issues of policy interpretation and causation.
  • Adam is currently instructed by the government legal department on a series of test cases involving claims for Francovich damages following a recent CJEU ruling on the broad scope of the compulsory motor insurance directives.

Criminal Regulatory & Environmental

Adam is a specialist junior in all areas of health & safety and regulatory work. He has appeared as sole counsel in the Coroner’s Court, the Crown Court and the Magistrates’ Court. He regularly appears at inquest and at pre-inquest review. He has experience of cases involving construction projects, emergency services response, and the provision of care services. He has also appeared on behalf of the Environment Agency in a waste prosecution.

Adam was recently seconded to the criminal regulatory team at DWF LLP, where he dealt with a number of high-profile cases, including fire safety, construction and demolition cases. He has experience of FFI disputes and drafting written submissions to the HSE. Adam is often instructed to represent defendants in relation to criminal, coronial and civil proceedings arising out of the same incident.

Selected Cases

  • Adam was recently instructed as junior to Mark Balysz in a two-week s.3 HSWA trial involving a work at height fatality. The case involved consideration of the scope of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 in relation to scaffolding and demolition, and the effect of the Approved Code of Practice. There were also issues as to jurors being discharged, corporate adverse inference, and whether there was a case to answer.
  • Instructed as sole counsel on a four-day jury inquest concerning the death of a Yorkshire Water employee in an oxygenated dry well at a treatment plant, who died when an angle grinder set his clothes on fire. Adam was instructed on behalf of Yorkshire Water.
  • Instructed as sole counsel on a four-day jury inquest concerning a work at height incident involving ladder use in a leisure centre. There were five interested parties participating in the inquest.
  • Adam is being led by James Ageros QC for the defendant company facing a prosecution and inquest concerning the death of a young child in a domestic elevator.
  • Adam was sole counsel for the defendant medium-size company at sentencing, following a serious fall from height injury. Although the company was in administration and fined a nominal £1, the judge conducted a thorough sentencing exercise to see what the fine would otherwise have been, and Adam achieved a £350,000 reduction from the prosecution starting point.
  • Representing the micro-company defendant at a sentencing hearing in respect of a s.3 HSWA offence.
  • Drafted detailed witness statements and submissions to HSE in a LOLER thorough examination case, prior to the HSE’s decision not to prosecute.
  • In respect of a company with a circa £1billion turnover, attending the first appearance hearing and obtaining an adjournment, and then subsequently advising the company on plea and sentence.
  • Securing a trial in the magistrates court as opposed to Crown Court at a plea before venue hearing, for a corporate defendant with a c.£600million turnover.
  • Responding to a hearsay application where the key prosecution witness was working in China and had failed to respond to email requests to give evidence via video link.
  • Responding to a hearsay application which relied upon the “relevant person is dead” exception.
  • Defending a corporate landlord in a private prosecution brought by its tenants: plea bargaining led to six of eight offences being dropped, and following Adams submissions on sentencing, the Defendant was fined approximately 10% of the maximum fine originally possible.

Inquests & Public Inquiries

Adam is a specialist junior in inquest work. His inquest experience covers predominantly health and safety cases, but he is also able to assist in personal injury, public law, RTA and product liability inquests. He has acted as sole counsel in a number of multi-day jury inquests, and he has experience of article 2 issues. Adam’s clients include national utilities companies, care homes, construction/building companies, families and the emergency services. He is able to offer complimentary expertise in any civil or criminal regulatory proceedings arising out of the inquest. A snapshot of his recent cases is provided below.

Selected Cases

  • Instructed as sole counsel on a four-day jury inquest concerning the death of a Yorkshire Water employee in an oxygenated dry well at a treatment plant, who died when an angle grinder set his clothes on fire. Adam was instructed on behalf of Yorkshire Water.
  • Instructed as sole counsel on a four-day jury inquest concerning a work at height incident involving ladder use in a leisure centre. There were five interested parties participating in the inquest.
  • Adam is being led by James Ageros QC in a three-week inquest concerning the death of a young child in a domestic elevator.
  • Representing the family in an inquest involving the suicide of a patient discharged by mental health clinicians. The issues included whether Article 2 applied, neglect, the mental health assessment and the handover to the home treatment team.
  • Representing a care home in an inquest involving the death of a dementia patient.
  • Representing an insurer in an inquest involving a fatal RTA where the allegation of jumping a red light meant that traffic light sequencing was in issue.

Personal Injury

Adam is developing considerable experience in personal injury matters. He achieves excellent results at trial on the multi-track and fast-track, both for claimants and defendants. He regularly attends case management conferences, and he is familiar with cost budgeting. Adam has drafted pleadings and advised in a wide variety of personal injury matters, including cases of fraud, occupiers’ liability, industrial disease, RTAs, pharmaceuticals, dangerous animals, health and safety at work, and landlord-tenant obligations. He is happy to advise on quantum, including the review of expert medical evidence, and he has been instructed as sole counsel in a number of high-value disputes. Adam also recognises the importance of costs, and he has obtained an exception to the QOCS regime for a successful defendant.

Adam is developing a specialism in claims relating to sports and leisure activities, for which, see the Sports Law tab.

Adam has experience in a range of industrial disease matters, and in particular noise-induced hearing loss cases. He has drafted questions to an acoustic engineering expert, drafted defences, held conferences with eminent experts in the field, and advised on breach of duty, causation and limitation. He is regularly required to consider audiograms and the application of the Coles guidelines.

Adam advises, represents and drafts pleadings in fraud cases. He regularly considers surveillance evidence, tests witness evidence in conference, advises on and pleads fundamental dishonesty, and has recently advised on tort of deceit proceedings to reopen a settlement for fraud.

Selected Cases

  • Representing the successful defendant in a two-day multi-track trial involving property adaptations.
  • Representing the successful defendant at trial in a case involving a wedding guest’s fall at a hotel.
  • Advising the claimant in respect of a £100,000 claim involving significant loss of future earnings and medical causation issues.
  • Advising claimant solicitors on, and subsequently drafting, a c.£800,000 schedule of loss in a fatal accident case.
  • Representing the successful defendant at trial in a case involving an employee fall in a store cupboard.
  • Successfully defending a major national food and drinks retailer at trial against a slip/trip claim by its employee. The Defendant won on all contested issues, including reasonable foreseeability of harm and causation of the injury.
  • Successfully resisting a summary judgment application against a defendant in a dangerous dogs case, which involved the consideration of veterinary records.
  • Successfully defending a local authority at trial against a Highways Act claim.
  • Adam advised on the withdrawal of a pre-action admission and drafted the withdrawal letter in a low-value EL claim which later developed into a significant one.
  • Drafting the defence on behalf of a pharmaceutical company in a claim involving alleged incorrect prescription and effect on the claimant’s lupus.
  • Successfully defending the London Ambulance Service in road traffic trials on many occasions.
  • Drafting the defence in an allegedly fraudulent slip/trip claim which involved issues of property boundaries and a McGeown argument.


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  • Hardwicke Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn
  • Droop Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn
  • Shelford Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn
  • Margaret Branthwaite CPE Prize
  • BPTC, University of Law, Birmingham
  • GDL, University of Birmingham
  • BA Hons (First Class), Worcester College, University of Oxford


  • BASL
  • PIBA

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