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Thayananthan Baskaran

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Thaya’s primary area of practice is construction law. He drafts various building and engineering contracts, advises on disputes arising from such contracts and appears as counsel to resolve these disputes. Thaya also sits as an adjudicator, arbitrator and mediator.

Thaya has drafted building and engineering contracts based on Malaysian standard forms, such as PWD and PAM, English standard forms, such as IChemE, JCT and NEC, and international standard forms, such as FIDIC. Thaya has also drafted bespoke contracts and was involved in drafting the pioneer Alliance Contract and Project Delivery Partner Agreement used in Malaysia. Thaya has been appointed to the Consultation Group for the Association of Consultant Architects, Kent, suite of Alliance Contracts, and the Expert Advisory Committee for the Asian International Arbitration Centre’s Standard Form of
Building Contracts.

Thaya has advised on disputes arising from several projects from their inception to completion. Major projects he is, or has been, involved in, include Merdeka 118, which is a 118 storey, 666 metre, mega tall skyscraper currently under construction in Kuala Lumpur; the Refinery and Integrated Petrochemical Development Project in Pengerang; the Mass Rapid Transit Kajang Line; the Light Rail Transit Ampang, Bandar Utama-Klang and Kelana Jaya Lines; the Malayan Railways East Coast Railway Line; various phases of the Electrified Double Track Project; and the two Penang Bridges, all in Malaysia; and the National Highway Development Project in India. Thaya has advised on projects throughout Asia and Europe.
He has a particular interest in railway projects and has advised on every major Malaysian railway project during his years in practice.

Thaya has appeared as counsel in several domestic and international arbitrations governed by the AIAC, ICC, PAM and UNCITRAL rules. He also appears as counsel in the High Court of Malaya and the appellate courts of Malaysia in relation to construction disputes. The judgements in some of the cases he has appeared in have been published in the law reports.
Thaya regularly acts as counsel in adjudication proceedings. Thaya has appeared as counsel in court annexed and private mediations.

Thaya was appointed as an adjudicator in the fifteenth adjudication registered under the Malaysian Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 and now regularly sits as an adjudicator. Thaya has been appointed as arbitrator in a variety of commercial disputes, including disputes arising from building and engineering contracts, development agreements, hotel management agreements and joint venture agreements. Thaya also sits as a mediator in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Thaya is the author of Arbitration in Malaysia: A Commentary on the Malaysian Arbitration Act published by Kluwer Law International in 2019. The reviews say ‘This book is outstanding, and I would recommend it to all in the arbitration community’ Dr Cyril Chern in Dispute Board Federation, ‘There can be little doubt that this work will become one of the leadings texts on the subject…a solid first edition’ Gordon Blanke in Arbitration: The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, and ‘This book is both a valuable addition to the existing corpus of leading works on arbitration law and practice in Malaysia and an essential reference tool for arbitrators and practitioners alike’ Robert Morgan in Asian Dispute Review. Thaya is an editor of Construction Law International, the magazine of the International Bar Association’s International Construction Projects Committee.

Thaya was the Chair of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Malaysia Branch (2017-2019) and the President of the Society of Construction Law Malaysia (2016-2017).

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  • LL B (Hons), King’s College, London;
  • Diploma in Investment Analysis, Research Institute of Investment Analysts Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • Diploma in International Arbitration, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London


  • Barrister, Gray’s Inn, London;
  • Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya
  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London;
  • Fellow, Dispute Board Federation, Geneva;
  • Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators;
  • Fellow, Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, Petaling Jaya;
  • Fellow, Malaysian Society of Adjudicators, Kuala Lumpur;
  • Fellow, Singapore Institute of Arbitrators;
  • Certified Adjudicator, Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration;
  • International Accredited Professional Mediator, Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Centre;
  • SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 1, Singapore International Mediation Institute




  • Asian International Arbitration Centre:
    o Panel of Adjudicators, Arbitrators and Mediators;
  • Benchmark Chambers International, Shenzhen, the Base of the Supreme People’s
    Court of China for Discerning Foreign Law:
    o Expert Panel;
  • The Dispute Board Federation, Geneva:
    o Expert Panel;
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre:
    o List of Arbitrators;
  • Indonesian National Board of Arbitration;
    o Panel of Arbitrators;
  • Korean Commercial Arbitration Board:
    o Panel of International Arbitrators;
  • London Court of International Arbitration:
    o Database of Neutrals;
  • The Mediation Centre Dubai:
    o Panel of Mediators;
  • Singapore Mediation Centre:
    o Associate Mediator; and
  • Singapore International Arbitration Centre:
    o Reserve Panel of Arbitrators.


  • Chair, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Malaysia Branch, 2017-2019;
  • International Relations Chair, Society of Construction Law Malaysia, 2017-Present;
  • President, Society of Construction Law Malaysia, 2016-2017;
  • Expert Advisory Committee Member, AIAC Technology Expert Committee, 2021-
  • Expert Advisory Committee Member, AIAC Standard Form of Building Contracts, 2017-
  • Expert Committee Member, Revision of the AIAC Arbitration Rules, 2017;
  • Member, Investment Treaty Forum, British Institute of International and Comparative
    Law, 2019-Present;
  • Commission Member, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on
    Arbitration and ADR, 2017-Present;
  • Advisory Board Member, Centre for Arbitration and Research, Maharashtra National
    Law University, Mumbai, 2020-Present;
  • Asia Representative, ICC Young Arbitrators Forum, 2014-2016;
  • ICC Consultative Task Force Member for the Revision of the ADR, Expertise and Dispute
    Board Rules, 2014-2016;
  • Committee Member, ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee, 2016-Present;
  • International Expert, 6th Working Group on Overseas Construction Projects by Chinese
    Enterprises: Legal Risks and Inspiration, Permanent Forum of China Construction Law,
  • Consultation Group Member, Association of Consultant Architects Kent’s Alliance
    Forms of Contract, 2015;
  • Committee Member, Malaysian Chapter of the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, 2015-
  • Judge, National Law School Trilegal International Arbitration Moot Competition, 2020;
  • Judge, Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Competition, 2013-2017;
  • Judge, LawAsia International Moot Competition, 2014-Present; and
  • Marshal, Technology and Construction Court, Queen’s Bench Division, High Court of
    Justice of England and Wales, 2012.


  • Deputy Editor, International Bar Association International Construction Projects
    Committee, 2022-Present; and
  • Co-Editor, Construction Law Digest, 2011-2015.




  • T Baskaran, Arbitration in Malaysia: A Commentary on the Malaysian Arbitration Act (Kluwer
    Law International 2019); and
  • Qin Yuxiu et al, The Belt and Road Initiative: Legal Risks and Opportunities Facing
    Chinese Engineering Contractors Operating Overseas (Kluwer Law International 2019).


  • T Baskaran, ‘Negligence Associated with the Execution of Construction Work’ in CF Lim (ed),
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  • and I Ismail, ‘If and When: The Interpretation of “Pay When Paid” Clauses’ (2011) 1
    Construction Law Digest 3.


  • T Baskaran, Review of UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts: An Article by-Article Commentary by Eckart J Brodermann (2020) 15(1) Construction Law International 57;
  • Review of International Contractual and Statutory Adjudication by Andrew Burr (2017)
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  • Review of The Commercial Mediator’s Handbook by Cyril Chern (2015) 5 Construction
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  • Review of Wilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts by Richard Wilmot-Smith KC (2015)
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  • Lecturer, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Diploma in International Commercial
  • Lecturer, Asian International Arbitration Centre, Certificate in Adjudication; and
  • Lecturer, Malaysian Institute of Architects, Accredited Arbitrator’s Course.


‘Arbitration Future Leader’ – ‘He is very calm, collected and thorough’; ‘He is sharp and able to come up with innovative strategies in dealing with complex issues’; ‘He is well known for his attention to detail and how thorough he is’; and ‘… patient and was able to come up with multi strategies to help us in our disputes’

Who’s Who Legal 2022

‘Arbitration Private Practice Powerlist’

Legal 500 2022

‘Thayananthan Baskaran has a notable practice acting on construction and engineering matters. He has experience handling adjudication and frequently represents clients in the power and infrastructure sectors’

Chambers and Partners 2022

‘Litigation Star’

Benchmark Litigation 2022

‘…describes Baskaran as a “leading practitioner” in Malaysia, who is particularly sought after for construction disputes … “Thaya is the best example of the new wave of Asian practitioners who offer great talent and fresh ideas. He is incredibly smart, agile and resourceful.”’

Global Arbitration Review 2018

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