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David Myhill

Call 2006

“He is absolutely brilliant in court. He really knows his stuff.”
(Chambers & Partners UK Bar 2019)

Clinical Negligence

David has a strong practice in the field of clinical negligence.  He undertakes work for the National Health Service, various medical defence organisations and medical insurers, as well as for Claimants.  His initial years in Chambers spent undertaking numerous personal injury trials have given him a wealth of trial experience as well as a familiarity with procedural matters relevant to clinical negligence claims, such as issues of limitation and costs.

David has experience of acting at all stages of clinical negligence claims: from pre-action work (including representation at inquests) through to settling pleadings, advisory work, and acting at trial.

Selected Cases

Examples of David’s trial experience include:

  • Acting at trial for the successful NHS Trust in a claim arising out of allegedly negligent PUVA treatment.
  • Acting at trial for an NHS Trust in a 3 day trial in relation to the proper management of a patient following a total knee replacement, including allegations of failure to diagnose deep infection. Claimant discontinued mid-trial, following cross-examination of his expert.
  • Acting at trial in a secondary victim claim arising out of an out of hospital cardiac arrest.
  • Acting at trial in relation to issues of consent arising out of management of a traumatic orthopaedic injury.
  • Appearing at trial for the Defendant in relation to allegations of consent and surgical negligence in relation to spinal surgery.
  • Acting at trial for the Defendant to a claim arising out of alleged mismanagement of a pulmonary embolism in a 33 year old man, resulting in his death. The case also involved difficult issues of quantification under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976.
  • Acting for the successful NHS Trust in a 4 day trial (liability only) on the question of breach of duty in relation to the proper management of osteomyelitis of the tibia.
  • Acting at trial on behalf of a GP who was alleged to have failed to diagnose ascending lymphangitis. The claim was dismissed following a 2 day trial.
  • Acting for the successful NHS Trust in a 3 ½ day trial involving issues of breach of duty and causation (which turned on both lay and expert evidence) arising out of permanent incontinence allegedly caused by inadequate catheter care during labour.

David’s experience also includes advisory work at all stages of a claim, as well as representing clients in mediations and Round Table Meetings and at interim hearings. He frequently represents clients both in the High Court and County Court in relation to interim matters, such as cost budgeting, disputes concerning the extent and timing of expert evidence required, and arguments regarding whether claims should be dealt with by way of a split trial.

Mediation and Round Table Meetings

David regularly represents clients in these forms of negotiation. He has particular skill at handling such forms of negotiation sensitively, particular where they arise out of death or serious injury, regardless of whether he is acting for or against the injured party. His recent experience includes:

  • Representing various NHS Trusts at mediations and Round Table Meetings in claims in which liability and/or quantum was in issue. Recent examples include a hypoxic brain injury claim pleaded at in excess of £3m; a case involving a below knee amputation pleaded at in excess of £1m; a claim arising out of the death of a high earner pleaded at in excess of £1m and involving a complex pension loss claim; several claims arising out of deaths pleaded at between £500k and £750k involving complex issues of damages for loss of dependency, particularly in relation to financial dependency; several claims relating to delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome pleaded at various sums between £200k and £1.5m; a number of claims pleaded at up to £500k arising out of pressure sore management.
  • Representing, at a Round Table Meeting, the dependents following a death caused by a failure to timeously diagnose partial anomalous pulmonary venous drainage.
  • Representing an NHS Trust in a Round Table Meeting in a case in which the Trust was alleged to have failed to properly treat injuries sustained in a road traffic accident caused by a co-defendant, raising difficult questions concerning apportionment and a break in the chain of causation.

Advisory work

David is regularly instructed to settle the pleadings on behalf of his client, and to advise on issues of liability and, in particular, quantum. He has regular experience of producing Schedules and Counter-Schedules in claims involving complex future losses, in particular, extensive care and case management regimes, accommodation adaptations and loss of pension claims. His experience includes the following (a number of which are ongoing):

  • Settling the Defence on behalf of an NHS Trust (led by Alexander Antelme KC) in a claim arising from alleged mismanagement of a wrist fracture, which was alleged to have ultimately caused the Claimant to develop depression, alcoholism and suffer a fall rendering him paraplegic. The allegation that the alleged negligence caused the paraplegia was abandoned following service of a detailed Defence.
  • Advising General Practitioners in connection with several claims involving allegations of negligent management of patients with a diverse range of presentations.
  • Acting on behalf of a Claimant who has suffered serious injuries as a result of an epidural.
  • Acting on behalf of an injured Claimant in relation to negligently performed dentistry.
  • Advising an NHS Trust in respect of a complex claim for substantial damages (including provisional damages) arising out of negligently performed keyhole surgery.
  • Acting on behalf of a Claimant in relation to a secondary victim claim arising out of mismanagement of labour resulting in his wife’s cardiac arrest and the stillbirth of their baby. The claim settled after proceedings were issued.
  • Acting on behalf of a Claimant in relation to the negligent management of Crohn’s disease, resulting in extensive and unnecessary surgery. The claim settled following an exchange of offers.
  • Acting on behalf of a Claimant in relation to the negligent management of her pregnancy leading to her son’s stillbirth and causing ongoing injuries as a result of failing to properly manage symphysis pubis dysfunction. The claim settled following an exchange of offers.
  • Settling Defences on behalf of NHS Trusts in relation to allegations of negligence as diverse as: provision of advice as to mode of delivery; errors in closing a laparotomy; appropriateness of a “do not resuscitate” order and failure to invasively ventilate resulting in death; provision of unnecessary cardiac treatment; failure to properly treat a displaced gastric band; and errors made during a TVT procedure.
  • Advising on quantum and settling Schedules and Counter-Schedules in cases involving issues such as loss of pension entitlements, loss of collateral benefits (e.g. company car), neurological rehabilitation, complex or unusual accommodation claims, complicated care regimes falling short of 24 hour care, complex issues relating to subtle hypoxic brain injuries, acceleration of underlying conditions and cases involving extensive pre-existing comorbidities.
  • Settling pleadings and advised on matters relating to the Mental Health Act 1983, including a claim in which it is alleged that a patient was improperly detained/treated and one focussing upon the interaction between the MHA 1983 and the provision of treatment (without consent) at common law.
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  • BA (Hons) (Cantab)
  • Bar Vocational Course: Outstanding
  • Lord Hardwicke Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn
  • Lord Denning Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn


Publications & Seminars

David regularly gives talks and seminars.  Recent topics have included:

  • Practical issues arising under the Consumer Protection Act.
  • The impact of the decisions in Wilkes and Gee v DePuy.
  • Updates on limitation and procedural issues arising in multi-party claims and claims for contribution.
  • Qualified One Way Costs Shifting: how the rules are working.
  • The road to an effective Counter-Schedule.
  • The law on consent after Montgomery: changes for Claimants and Defendants.

In addition, David edits the Chapters of Emden’s Construction Law concerning Termination of contracts (Ch 16) and a Contractor’s obligations as to completion (Ch 9).


  • PNBA


“His level of detail is truly exceptional. David is a fabulously safe pair of hands for all cases with all clients.”

Chambers & Partners, 2024

“Brilliant in providing very clear advice and cutting through to the central issues. An expert in product liability claims and clearly a KC in the making.”

Legal 500, 2024

“Expert in preparing suites of documents and works very hard to deliver what the client needs.”

Legal 500, 2024

“David is an incredibly capable barrister with an enviable command of the law.”

Legal 500, 2024

“A brilliant advocate who is extremely personable, very easy to get along with, super intelligent and super sharp.”

Chambers & Partners, 2022

“David is incredibly intelligent, and instills confidence in clients with his manner and reasoned, coherent advice.”

Legal 500, 2022

“He is incredibly good on his feet and his technical knowledge of the law is really good.”; “He is loved by his clients and has an excellent bedside manner.”; “He’s very, very bright, incredibly thorough and has great attention to detail.”

Chambers & Partners, 2021

“He has that stellar combination of determination, focus and drive balanced with a calm and reassuring approach.”

Legal 500, 2021

“An ideal choice for mastering the evidence in tricky cases and testing witnesses in a fair and personable manner.”

Legal 500, 2021

“An excellent barrister who is very detail-oriented and will always go the extra mile to help the client.”

Chambers & Partners, 2020

“He is absolutely brilliant in court. He really knows his stuff.”

Chambers & Partners, 2019

“Among the most impressive barristers in the field”

Legal 500, 2019 (Product Liability)

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